Hydrogen power units for any type of transport and related infrastructure such as hydrogen filling stations and hydrogen production plants
Electric propulsion is a global well-established trend:
The transition to electric transport is now happening in all sectors. The main focus is on commercial and freight transport – in these sectors the effect of abandoning hydrocarbon fuels is most noticeable.

Energy storage systems and hydrogen-powered generators can be used in an electric drivetrain in various combinations, however the very idea of using a combination of hydrogen generator and energy storage can significantly expand the scope of such systems.
Advantages of hybrid power systems with fuel cells:

  • ESG compliance through reduced emissions and noise
  • High efficiency, lower installed power required, longer service intervals and lower maintenance costs compared to mechanical engines
  • Easy power scaling to meet customer's requirements
  • Greater autonomy compared to electric drivetrains, no connection to the contact network
    • City buses
    • Commercial transport (delivery services)
    • Municipal vehicles
    • Forklifts
    • Motorcycles, scooters, golf carts, buggies
    Automobile transport
    • Locomotives and trains
    • Power supply for infrastructure facilities
    • Trams
    Railway transport
    • Passenger ships
    Water transport
    • Light airplanes and drones
    • Helicopter-type airplanes and drones
    • Quadcopters
    Air transport
    Photo / video recording systems
    • Security
    • Solving a problem of a connected power deficit with the help of energy storage systems
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