High purity vanadium oxides, electrolyte for vanadium redox flow batteries



Production of test samples on request in the amount of up to 100 kg. Design production capacity – 2,000 tons per year of V2O5
High purity vanadium oxides V2O5 and V2O3
VRFB – vanadium redox flow batteries
VRFB electrolyte
InEnergy's high purity vanadium oxide grades have been developed specifically to meet the requirements of key customers and vary in purity
Non-ferrous grade
High purity product used as the main component of VRFB, in which energy is stored
Content of main component:
For V-Al master alloys
Extra pure grade
Content of main component:
99.9% +
For metallic vanadium and special applications
Battery grade
Content of main component:
For VRFB electrolyte
*Detailed impurity composition of products available on request.
Russia is one of the largest producer of vanadium master alloys for titanium alloys used in aerospace, defense, shipbuilding and chemical engineering.
Titanium industry
Chemical industry
Vanadium catalysts are used for production of important chemicals such as sulfuric acid, maleic anhydride and others.
Vanadium flow batteries
Vanadium flow batteries are a rapidly growing area in the field of ESS (electrochemical energy storage systems). Demand for vanadium batteries is increasing as the transition to green power gains momentum.
Flow batteries are the major driver of vanadium demand growth
Inenergy also supplies on Russian market energy storage systems based on vanadium flow batteries
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