ESS based on vanadium redox flow batteries
40 ft container with climate control system
  • Power range from 250 kW to 50 MW

  • Capacity range from 500 kWh to 100 MWh
    A battery-based energy storage system in which energy is stored chemically in an electrolyte solution
    Lowest LCOS
    (10 years lifecycle)
    among electrochemical
    energy storage systems
    Capacity and energy density can be increased independently from each other
    Service interval 1 year
    High cyclical resource –
    up to 20 000 cycles
    (20 years)
    Conditions for the effective use of batteries of various types:
    • Flow batteries are most efficient for long periods of use. This is due to the long service life of the electrolyte and the ability to increase the capacity independent of power.

    • Lithium-ion batteries can be switched on and off faster than flow batteries. Therefore, their use may be more short-time.

    • Hybrid systems using both types of batteries achieve the best economic performance and ensure the planned operation of a facility with minimal energy costs.
    ESS instead of a grid connection
    Reduction of energy costs for business
    Support for electric charging
    Mobile generation
    For gas and diesel generation
    Processes with a continuous cycle
    ESS for autonomous systems
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